A Letter of thanks from Edinburgh Women’s Aid
Many thanks to all who donated their unused, left over nappy supply to Nappi Runz and to Toyin for all her organisation and great idea!!

Edinburgh Women’s Aid received a huge bag which will be distributed to families we support. This will be a great help as many families come to Edinburgh Women’s Aid with no money and very little in the way of clothing and belongings. Having some nappies to help them out in the first couple of days of being in our refuge, takes some of the pressure away from mums who are anxious about meeting their child’s basic needs.

The charities we donate to include:

Edinburgh North East Foodbank, Edinburgh Women's aid, Lifeline Scotland, Shakti Women's aid and Midlothian Foodbank and Edinburgh Food Project

Arthur Mathieson for Edin NE foodbank
Thank you to Nappirunz and Toyin for dropping off a large number of nappies of all sizes to the Edinburgh North East foodbank on Friday 8 July at South Leith Parish church halls in Leith. They will be hugely appreciated by the parents who at that moment need emergency help with food (and toiletries and nappies!).